Maui Sails brings it’s new Aluminium boom to the market forefront.

After a year of development and testing , Maui Sails is ready to bring it\'s new Aluminum boom to the market. The boom is fitted with The Team developed exclusive MauiSails frontend making it one of the most innovative booms on the market.

The clamp on frontend features articulating head secured with 2 x 6mm bolts, a surface area attaching to the mast of 12cm wide and a long stiff handle with easy rope attachment. A specially angled 40mm diamter plastic overmold with the aluminum arms entering inside makes for one of the stiffest, safest and most rugged Aluminum boom on the market. The arms are T8 heated treated aluminum with 50cm of adjustment on all 5 main booms and 40cm and 30cm respectively on the Inspire learning boom and Rebel kids boom. Check out or your local Maui Sails retailer for more details.

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