Gaastra’s all new VAPOR Racing sail has just been unveiled! Ross Williams has been the lead tester behind the project and has been getting some incredible results. “I have been sailing the new Vapor’s since late July and they have been going really good. I am super happy with the speed we have achieved". “The concept of the Vapor was to get a product that was not only cutting edge, but user-friendly as well. We feel that this rig is just that; a sail that can break the world record and still be a comfortable and enjoyable ride" said Dan Kaseler. We took what we learned from the outright record, and applied it to our racing program. The bottom line, “a comfortable sail that lets the rider relax and concentrate is unbeatable." We knew straight away that we needed to come out with the best sail on the market. To do this, we started by first shaving weight. Then we looked at skin tension, pointing ability, and the sail’s profiles. Tweaking the setup, and spending an extra long development process cleaning up the leading edge, we created an engine that is set to perform straight out of the sailbag. Regarding sustainable racing, we took extra time to tailor our luff curves and designs to help with mast durability. There is no secret that extreme luff curves, can contribute to mast failure. For this reason, we found a balance between skin tension and performance where our customers can feel confident that they won’t be swimming home. The 6.5 and down is set on 100% carbon RDM for extra durability.

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