Following on from last years storm chase, this year Red Bull turned it more competitive, making into a full on storm contest. With a 2 month waiting period the organisers finally made the call on the 20th November.

Being based in the Baltic sea the majority of competitors were from Germany, but young Philip Koester made the journey all the way from sunny Gran Canaria to take his first ever win.

The action was full on, with double loops, tweaked pushloops and even a pushloop forward and the competition eventually came down to 4 men. In the losers final it was Andy Wolff vs Matze Bade, with Matze taking the win over an exhausted Andy.

The final was an old vs young story, with Philip going head to head with Lars Gobisch and taking the title with a solid jump routine that had everyone watching in awe.

This is the first victory for Philip and probably the first of many more, so a big well done. Check out the Boardseeker interview from last week to see more of Philip in action.

Photo Credit: continent 7