The ISAF council has just re-selected the RS:X for both men and women’s event at the 2012 Olympic Regatta.

The voting process at the ISAF Annual conference consisted of a series of votes from different committees: Windsurfing (7-2), Equipment (14-0, Events (17-1) and finally the Council vote (31-4). This made the total votes in favor of RS:X at 69 out of 76 (90%).

At NeilPryde Windsurfing they say: “We believe that this level of endorsement shows the RS:X has achieved all of its performance objectives and successfully meets the brief laid down by ISAF. (…) This successful bid by NeilPryde Windsurfing to once again supply the Olympic One Design Windsurfing Class is a great achievement for our team and partners. Since the introduction of the RS:X in 2004 and our collaboration with the RS:X Class Association, we have centered all our efforts to establish the RS:X as a new, vibrant and exciting International Olympic Class. National RS:X fleets are now spread all around the world, and a comprehensive calendar of worldwide events have been reconducted, confirming the rising interest in the RS:X Class

NeilPryde Windsurfing will supply over 350 full sets of equipment for the Olympic Games and the ISAF Youth Worlds. Over the next four years new boards, sails and rigs will be supplied free of charge to equip the sailors for these key regattas in the next Olympic cycle.


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