Kirsty Jones has been out the country for a while now so I decided it was time to set up a tracker device on the girl!!! One minute she\'s in her lovely home of south wales, next she\'s in Yemen, Cape Verde, South Africa, Brazil even on the walls of your local Animal shop! Well where now?

With my new tracking device I\'ve located Kirsty to the shores of Famara in lanzarote. I even have photo evidence! From the picture it looks as though Kirsty will mostly be riding the latest classic shape kite in Flexifoils range - the fusion. (Yeah, thats right!! Mr Aaron Hadlows kites!!!) There are more then a couple of surfboards in her collection as well, so I figure this winter she will be making the most of the large atlantic swells over there! It\'s alright for some! I\'ll see if I can steel some shots of her in action!

If you spot Kirsty somewhere that I don\'t know about then give me a shout on and I will fill the rest of us in on her news!!!

Photo Credit: David Sims