The winter season is here, and with it, the 1st Windsurf European Cup. For the first time, there will be Winter Windsurf European Championship Cup in Finland, from the 12th to the 14th of December, under the title: “WWEC 2009 goSaimaa!".

WWEC 2009 internationally is organized and managed by and local authorities in each country, where event will be held. WWEC 2009 is going to happen in 8 different countries – Scandinavia, Baltic States, Poland and Czech Republic from December 2008 until March 2009. There are WWEC 2009 rules, calendar, and all other information published in – official website of WWEC 2009

This first event, the “WWEC 2009 goSaimaa!", is trying to start a new tradition to promote the winter windsurfing that is becoming more and more popular in the Northern European countries. “WWEC 2009 go Saimaa!" starts with the Test day on Friday, when limited amount of boards and rigs will be available for testing, provided by WWEC 2009 go Saimaa! sponsors – Hiberna (boards) and Rautio Sports (sails). Test day is dedicated for windsurfers, winter sports enthusiasts and anyone, who wants to try new, dynamic and fast outdoor activity that is not only exciting, but also environmentally friendly. From beginner perspective, it is much easier to learn winter windsurfing on the ice than summer on always moving water. After first hours of practicing, you will be able to control wind by sail, reach impressive speed and make first dynamic turns.

Saturday and Sunday – both are competition days in course racing and slalom discipline. Be sure – some freestyle elements will be also shown during the event, as nowadays winter windsurfing boards provide possibility to perform high level freestyle tricks.

Sponsors: goSaimaa –South Karelian tourism enterprise in Finland Hiberna – winter windsurf boards production company Rautio Sports – leading importer of surf-/kiteboards in Finland Copterline – helicopter flights from Tallinn to Helsinki

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