The Big Salty weather service is fast becoming the foremast place to find the wind, wave and beaches that you want to sail at. The windsurfing forecasting site has every bit of forecast data you could ever need to make your journey worth missing your bacon sandwiches.

Capitalising on the forecasting and the beachguides on offer, the site also lets all easily upload their favourite pictures from their days sailing. The new feature allows you to rate all the pictures and leave a comment about what you think about the shot. This is a great service as it allows you to look up exactly where you want to sail and then leave a picture to show all the community just how you got on.

Boardseeker comment "We have been impressed with just how easy the site is to use, especially when you have set up your favourite beaches. The at a glance data is extremely useful, especially matched up with the tidal data. The picture upload is very clean, organised,effecient and easy on the eye, it is also amazingly easy to use and search. Overall we think it is a fine service aimed specifically for the windsurfing market."

Photo Credit: bigsalty