Well despite howling winds overnight (tearing down the RedBull tent- which knocked a hole in Anders Bringdals favourite speed board), and a 7.30 am briefing... needless to say we are still waiting for wind !

The plan was promising today for an early start and using a new speed course while taking advantage of the high tide which would work with the NW wind, and then use the regular speed strip when the wind turned to the West.

That was the plan anyway... but needless to say you can never plan the weather. So it was a day of more rigging, and Bjorn leading the press photoshoot competition, while an optomistic few took to the water to try and catch a few gusts.

At the end of the day though... it was still not to be, and again we are on for an early briefing tomorrow morning, in the hope the stronger winds that are forecast will come through.

Oisin Van Gelderen (JP, NeilPryde, RedBull, Surfdock)

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