We have made some important changes to the way that Boardseeker Magazine works. The most significant of these changes is that all video in the magazine is now available free of charge and with a full screen viewing option.

Thanks to the support our subscribers have given us over the past 2 years and increasing advertising revenue we are now able to make this change. Whilst existing subscribers will still get what they paid for (online video + DVD where applicable), we would like to offer a refund policy to subscribers who have more than 3 months remaining on their subscription. To find out details and claim your refund, please mail: refund@boardseeker.com

Other changes include a new Podcast available on the site and through iTunes/ YouTube etc Every 2 weeks we will release a new Podcast which will alternate between the news style podcast you see on the home page today and a more action orientated one.

We now have and RSS Feed which you can subscribe to by clicking the link in the header of the magazine pages. This will give you a quick update of whats new on the site to make sure you dont miss anything.

Finally we have had a slight refresh of the graphics, we hope you like it.

Thanks again to everyone who supported the magazine by subscribing over the past 2 years.

Kind Regards,

The Boardseeker Team

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