With all the rumours going around that brands are dropping their riders, there is 1 brand clearly doing well picking them all up. The RRD team has grown massively in the last year with the addition of Alex Mussolini, Finian Maynard and John Skye to name a few. Now they have announced top Slovinia sailor, Tine Slabe, will join the team for 2009.

Tine competes in slalom, freestyle and speed, and is one of the nicest guys on the tour (or maybe even in the world). With top 10 finishes in freestyle and ever improving slalom results he is clearly a solid sailor, but what really sets him apart is how much fun he seems to have. Always friendly and always with a smile no matter what.

To check out more from Tine, check out the website at www.tineslabe.com.

Photo Credit: www.tineslabe.com