Hot Sails has a brand new looking website. Always on the top of the designs innovation, their new site looks so good you just have to check it out.

Not only the new look is nice, but it is also full of great stuff to keep you entertained: a blog from the members of the loft, new pictures everyday on the “daily pics" page plus you can also shop on line and design your own sail.

They also have a new Action Tv site where you can check the latest movies from the Hot Sail riders all around the globe.

The latest videos are the new clip from Dioni, sailing Hookipa, his home spot and even Jaws, and the video from Pierre Fremion, a Hot Sails and Witch Craft French rider, who also made the best out of the last weeks in Normandy.

Don’t miss any of them. Check them out on the new HotTV from Hotsails.

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