The OTC has quickly become a favourite holiday destination for many windsurfers around the world. Offering the latest products from all the top brands gives everyone the opportunity to find what works best for them, or to try before they buy.

However for the last couple of months they were forced to close due to changes in licensing regulations. It seems that all is getting back to normal now however and the centre is due to open again on the next windy day.

A massive campaign led to 2000 people signing a petition to reopen the centre, and following a report in the local news paper, the local council paid a visit to find out what the problem was. With a better understanding of the issues, and following a meeting with the head of the general council, the centre was granted permission to reopen.

The OTC would like to thank everyone who got involved and helped them get back to business.

So if you were planning a trip to Tenerife this year you can now book with OTC and try out all the latests toys again!!

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