With all the stories of recession and credit crunching it is great to hear about new brands coming into the market rather than old ones dying. X.O sails are brand new and offer a state of the art product made with the finest materials.

Developed by Patrice Belbeoch, you can guarantee a wealth of knowledge will have gone into every detail of the design. All sails feature the "strip Draft Locker" to control and assist the foil in all conditions.

However its not just sails, X.O will be making all the accessories to go with them, all made using the finest of materials and technology. The X.O booms are unique, with new power efficient outlines, built in Aluminium monocoque or Carbon. Plus all accessories and extensions have been carefully designed for max durability and easy usage.

For now all you have is pictures to wet the appetite, but more information will be coming soon.

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