It\'s been a while since the forecast has been good enough for a Wave Jam, but last weekend promised 27ft swell and 30 mph and the call was made for Cornwall.

Gwithians looked too \'crumbly\' so the event was moved to the other end of the bay at the Bluff, where the wind was more offshore and the waves cleaner. With mast high sets coming through and a lot of white water to deal with it was tough sailing for everyone.

However it was Andy King that once again shone above the rest and took the win. Having been living down in Cornwall for a while Andy was looking more comfortable than most, catching more waves and busting monster airs and goitas.

Also worthy of note were Kit Brogan for his nice late turns and Wave Champion Rich Potter for picking out some monster sets late in the day.

Sunday was supposed to be the better day, but the conditions never materialised, leaving Andy the champion of Wave Jam 5.

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Photo Credit: Joe Cockle