With the first PWA event of the year quickly approaching, the wave sailing world is preparing with anticipation. Wildcards are hard to come by in this 32 man format event, but the organisers have announced that Francisco Goya will be taking up one of the 4 slots, along with 3 local hot shots.

Goya needs no introduction, being former World Wave champion and the man behind Goya boards and sails. Its been a few years since Goya has entered a world cup, but sailing in Maui everyday will mean he is still as fresh as ever. Whether he has enough to get to the top, we will have to wait and see, but for sure nobody will want him in their heat.

Also receiving wildcards are the 3 local rippers, Mitu Monteiro, Djo Silva and Titik Lopes. All 3 are renowned for their go for it attitude at the premium wave spot of Punta Preta.

With the PWA saving 6 more wildcards for World tour members it will be interesting to see who else makes the cut. What happens this event promises to be another classic.

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