With all the sponsor changes going on this year, NeilPryde have just announced their new slimmed down 2009 team.

Jason Polakow Antoine Albeau Kauli Seadi Ricardo Campello Philip Koster Antxon Otaegui Robby Swift Carine and Manu Fabrice Beaux Sarah Quitta Offringa Micah Buzianis Pieter Bijl Finian Maynard Klaas Voguet Lars Peterson Jesper Vesterstrom Normen Gunzlein

Big news for many is the inclusion of Ricardo Campello following the rumors back in December that he might be leaving. We assume he will still be riding for JP which is surely a good move by both brands.

Still a few big names have been shed, but with the likes of Kauli, Antoine, Polakow, Sarah Quita and Ricardo, they still have plenty of big hitters.

Also NeilPryde introduce the new RS:RACING EVOII and RS:SLALOM MKIII. For more information check out the www.neilpryde.com and whilst your there have a look at the Race Against Machine video... A pretty big and fast boat to be playing with!

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