Jeri is THE hot spot for freestylers at the moment with the worlds best hanging out there in the winter months to train. (Check out the latest podcast to hear what Andre had to say).

Emma Johansson was out there a while and sent us these pics of here ripping over in Brazil, so we thought we would ask her a few questions to find out how the trip went.

How long were you out in Jeri? Almost 3 months

What moves did you learn in that time? Spock onehanded and spock540. Plus I got more consistent with some old moves and did a bit of wavesailing too. What moves are next to learn? I started to go for the goiter, but crashed pretty hard :) Who were you there with? My best mate Anna J├Ânsson and some other friends. I think we where more Swedish windsurfers than English out there for a while actually. Who was standing out in Jeri? Both men and women. There where lot\'s of pro guys and girls this season, like half of the PWA. What are your plans for the rest of the year? Do you have any more trips planned? Windsurf as much as possible is the plan, as always. No trips confirmed at the moment, but I have already started to look for tickets somewhere, Sweden is pretty cold right now. Photos: Faye Neal Anna Perrson

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