2008 was a great year for Speed Sailing. All over the World records were broken on a regular basis including the Windsurfing Speed World record (by Antoine Albeau with 49,09 Knots) and the Sailing Speed record (set by kiter Alexandre Caizergues and accepted after a lot controversy and discussion) with 50.57 knots.

The Annual British GPS ladder, Sponsored by F2 and Maui Sails was a great success, with some fantastic personal best speeds being posted.

The fastest man of the year was Dave White, with 43,96 Knots, followed by Steve Thorp with 43,87 Knot. In the ladies, Zara Davis, with 31,7 Knots, set the fastest speed.

The 2008 Top Ten Men:

1.- Dave White 43,96 Knots 2.- Steve Thorp 43,87 Knots 3.- Simon Hinkley 43,65 Knots 4.- Pete Young 42,79 knots 5.- Stuart Trunkfield 42,31 Knots 6.- Adam Gustafsson 42,3 Knots 7.- Neil Hardwick 41,99 Knots 8.- Bob Cunningham 41,34 Knots 9.- Howard Rowson 41,29 Knots 10.- Pete Davis 41,17 Knots

Fastest Lady: Zara Davis 31,7 Knots.

Every post went into a draw for some awesome prizes thanks to the sponsors F2 and Maui Sails. The 2008 prize winners were drawn by Gordon Way of Ultra Sport Europe.

1st Nic Dodd won a F2 Missile XS ( The fastest Production board in the world! ) 2nd Jonny Walker a Maui Sails TR4 9.2 race 3rd Kev Greenslade A Maui Sails Boom The 2009 Ladder has started already so get posting on www.gps-speedsurfing.com

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