I arrived 3 days ago now, along with Ross Williams and Phil Horrocks. Most of the Brazilian crew had been out here a while already. Kauli particularly, saw the good forecast 2 weeks ago and bought a new ticket just to come a few days earlier and score some amazing conditions. He said its been amazing almost everyday since he got here. Apparently his quad fin board is working well, so it will be interesting to see how well he sails on it, and how many others will have them by the next event.

Brawzinho has also been out here a while and looks to be ripping on his new Fanatic/ North gear. He took 3 small waves the other evening and seemed to be loving the new gear, pulling off a perfect goita in the tricky offshore conditions.

Last night it seemed like half the fleet turned up on the same plane. Unfortunately for most of them, they arrived without any bags. Swifty didn\'t even get his clothes. The luckiest one was once again Victor. He always seems to get his gear, even when nobody else does. I think he had all 4 bags, whilst most others were lucky if they got 1!!

Now it looks like we will all be waiting for the next 2 days as the swell drops down a bit. However the forecast looks really good for the start of the contest, so it looks like we will be starting straight away and maybe even finish in the first few days with a bit of luck.

Stay tuned to Boardseeker.com to find out how everyone gets on.

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