The Fuerteventura Wave Challenge event is n hold, expecting one if the biggest swells in years to hit the island. In the meantime, Thomas Traversa and JB Caste have been working on the Official rules for the contest.

The event will be judge by the riders themselves, what I should make the competitions a lot fairer.

This are the rules presented by the organizers:

• 15 sailors get picked to go in to 5 teams of 3. • One rider from each team then competes in a heat, randomly choosing who goes against whom. • After 3 long heats (not less than 20 mn), points are given and a round is complete. • This process is repeated for 5 rounds to find the most consistent performer from each team. • This sailor then goes into the double scoring final to find the event winners.

We will keep you informed about what happens in the magic island of Fuerteventura.

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