The Gayda family have to be the keenest windsurfing family in the UK! Aleksy is becoming a very tidy wave sailor and is kindly sponsored by Goya Boards & Sails following a successful season on the UKWA Junior Wave Tour. Megan is not far behind and loves the waves - we have high hopes for this gal in years to come. Of course, Dad is also a keen windsurfer but has to fit his sessions around his job as a fireman and running around after his two windsurfing children. They finally got to go on a \'warm windsurfing holiday\' to Tenerife to the delights of Mum who has had too many wet n windy Dingle Peninsula \'holidays\'.

Megan reports:

We went to El Medano in Tenerife for two weeks. We had a lovely villa that Rick from Robin Hood Watersports lent us, with stunning sea views and a nice swinging hammock over looking the beach on the balcony.

Me, Dad and Alesky sailed every day of the holiday. It was the first time that we have sailed in a warm country. It was so nice to be able to not have to put on a soaking wet wetsuit on, instead sailing in shorts and rash vest.

Top tip on how to wind your Dad up: snap two masts in the waves (at least it made the flight bags a bit lighter on the way home).The harbour wall was amazing for jumping and riding and it was great to sail with the Team Airborn guys; Adam Lewis and Graham Woods who work at the OTC Centre. This holiday was great for Mum too because instead of having to shelter behind a rock in torrential rain and wind, she just got to lie on the sand and read her book, she described it as PARADISE!

On the day that we were leaving Mum had booked a BIG suprise transport for the journey to the airport, and when it arrived it was massive; a huge 50 seater coach for the five of us plus our mountain of kit! Once we arrived at the airport we stood outside the airport whilst Mum had a half hour argument about the price of the coach, but as they say girls are the best as she got it for half the price that they wanted!

This summer leads us back to our normal holiday out in Brandon Bay in Ireland with Jamie Knox. Aleksy\'s goals for 2009 are to be able to get consistent back loops and flakas, and to keep having fun on the water just like me!

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