The forecast for today was huge, and huge it was. Dwarfing yesterdays waves with some solid mast and a half sets and accompanied by cross offshore winds, it made it one of the most hardcore days sailing ever.

The day started out with a lot waiting around. The huge surf was breaking dangerously close to the rocks making sailing impossible. As the tide rose the wave improved until eventually Stephane and Yannick (2 of the locals) decided to give it a go. Fair play to these boys for stepping up as it really is a hardcore place.

Following shortly after were Boujma and Thomas before the rest came chasing out later. Conditions were too hardcore to run heats so they just had a free sailing session. The action was spectacular with all the sailors pushing the limits in the extreme conditions. Massive respect to everyone.

So with no heats run, the positions stay the same, with Stephanes team leading by 2 points over Wills team in 2nd.

Boardseeker ace cameraman Alfie is out there in the thick of the action and gives us this juicy snippet from yesterdays action. Already it looks pretty hardcore... and that was the small day!!! Stay tuned for more action soon.


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