Last Sunday, many of the fastest sailors in the country had a good blast in West Kirby. On a really cold but sunny day, the speed guys scored some very good speeds for the GPS speed ladder.

The fastest man of the day was Farrel O’Shea, actual British Speed Record holder. On his new Moo Custom, he reached a max of 45 knots and 42,2 knots (5 times 10 seconds) average.

In second place was Steve Thorpe, following O’Shea pretty closely with 42,13 Knots average. Third was Howard Rowson with 40,99 Knots.

These were pretty good speeds, considering that the course was too square, the wind pretty gusty and only around 25 mph.

Thanks to the following shops for supporting the British speed ladder.., Reactive Watersports, RIKS, Solent Sailboards, Westcountry Watersports, Windtek.

Photo Credit: Steve Thorp