Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo nailed perhaps the most amazing move witnessed in indoor freestyle, a double Flaka! As he punched the air in certain victory the crowd were cheering in their masses. So he could not hide his disappointment when he came second to Nicolas the French Man.

The judges look for moves both ways, and Nicolas had the better variation. Ricardo, meanwhile, would have even completed a Funnel, had their been a metre more space in the pool. Antxon Otaegui, the Spanish kid, did a switch stance chacho diablo which has another name I don’t know and wouldn’t even be able to spell, but it was pretty good. And another bonus; the crowd were really appreciating it more today.

Iballa Moreno took victory over her sister for a first time in a while with some clean moves including spocks and grubbies, Nayra Alonso moved into second and Junko Nagoshi fourth.

Nayra Alonso: “I just tried to make sure one move was well done and clean to the end, and I got one move each way"

Men 1. Nicolas Akgazciyan 2. Jose Estredo (Gollito) 3. Antxon Otaegui 4. Ricardo Campello

Women 1. Iballa Moreno 2. Nayra Alonso 3. Daida Moreno 4. Junko Nagoshi.

Photo Credit: Simon Crowther