BBC is doing a series of kid’s programmes, “Teacher is coming to stay", where the kids teach their hobbies to their teachers and challenge them to check how good they are at learning.

They were actually looking for a kid with hobbies challenging enough to make the programme a bit more exciting than the usual dance lessons, and that’s how they found Ellie Johncey.

Ellie is only eleven but she is already a Windsurfer, Dighy sailor and SUP rider. These hobbies, together with the fact that she was gold medal in her weight group in Judo at the London Youth Games, made the perfect mix to make a fun and exciting programme with her.

So next thing, BBC was challenging Ellie’s teacher to go and stay for the weekend at Ellie’s home and be taught to windsurf and Judo. Ellie did a good job teaching her both sports and Mrs Allen (Ellie’s former teacher) was challenged the next Monday to prove her skills in one of them. That Monday the wind was up to force 6, so it will be fun to check out what happened.

Check it out this coming Sunday, 22nd of March, on CBBC at 10:00 am.

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