Reports from Maui say that yesterday was THE day for all the photoshoots. With a decent sized swell and the all the brands on standby to shoot, the action was pretty intense on the water. Multiple helicopters, the beach lined with lenses and the worlds best showing off their skills for the cameras there was loads going on. It was also a chance to get some good sneak previews of the new 2010 gear.

Victor was seen looking very pink, with his new striking pink and white North EGO and almost matching, pink and white Fanatic New Wave. May sound a little bit camp, but when you see it on the beach and on the water it looks great.

The Naish guys were also showing off their new toys, with Skyeboy, Taboulet and Kai Lenny all seen on the new Boxer complete with the Naish skull graphic across the head. Robby was on the new Force which once again looks really nice, helped of course with his US1111 numbers across the top!

Neil Pryde sails have a new almost holographic look to them. Faded 2 tone colours through the top of the sail gives a crazy style, especially when the light hits them at the right angle.

The new JP\'s were also on show as Polakow, Kauli, Swifty and Ricardo hit the water, with quite a different look this year and some extra colour to mix things up.

To take a sneak look at some of the gear check out

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