Allison Shreeve was close, but she could not finish her Bass Strait Challenge.

Last week Allison Shreeve departed from Stanley in Tasmania in an attempt to make the 125 Km crossing challenge. Expecting winds of 20 to 30 knots, conditions were looking good, but also 3 to 4 meters swells would make the crossing even harder.

After the first four hours Allison was nearly half way across the Bass Strait, but after a few more hours sailing in really tough conditions, with swells peaking over 4 m at times, she started feeling the consequences of the hard sailing, with severe cramps and the onset of hypothermia. This was the moment when her adventure had to be put to an end and she was helped on board Calypso II, her support board.

Even though she could not finish her challenge, everyone agrees that it was a huge effort and success for Allison and in her words “a whole experience I’ll never forget". Surrounded by dolphins, seals and albatross during her sailing hours, Allison Shreeve had a lifetime experience trying to cross the Bass Strait, a challenge only up to the bravest.

This challenge was part of the CoastCare’s “Life on the Edge" campaign to travel 100 km of Australia’s coastline using non-motorised activity. You can still show your support to the “Life on the Edge" campaign as it finishes on the 31st of March. Go to to check out all the pictures and videos and to make your donations.

Allison would like to thank her sponsors Electra Energy, Club Marine, Pacific Sailing School, Jesus - All About Life campaign, Musto, Audi, Jetstar, Suunto, Icom, Calypso Fishing Charters, Digiboat, Aerotrac, Telstra Next G, Lapstone Hotel, VMG Blades, Uvex, RFD, Zhik, and Balance Water.

Pics by Luca Villata.

Photo Credit: Luca Villata