Despite pulling off a perfect \'30\' scoring shaka and a ponch on port tack, Ricardo only managed to come 4th in the freestyle finals today due to a lack of completed moves on his out run.

Again no brits made the final, despite some excellent performances Ben Proffit pulled off a decent \'Pippa\' and Andy Chambers a Puneta. Skyeboy just missed out on a switch chacho which might have made the difference. To highlight how difficult it is to get in to the final Cheo Diaz and Kauli Seadi also were absent.

Yet again the bar was raised, with Nicolas Akgazciyan trying to do a switch clew first something starting like that down the ramp. The move might as well be called impossible. But his excellent swith chacho diablo sealed his top spot.

Thomas Traversa was really pushing for first place with some excellent shaka\'s and one handed flaka crowd pleasers, and I swear that Jose \'Gollito\' Estredo still did not get his hair wet.

1. Nicolas Akgazciyan 2. Tomas Traversa 3. Jose Estredo 4. Ricardo Campello

The ladies final witnessed probably the most spectaculor wipeout of the competiton, with a do or die move from Iballa Moreno, she ploughed straight into the side of the poole catching her neck on the side. Commenting later she said "yeah it will probably hurt in the hotel". Iballa said to me earlier that she would rather crash out trying a big move than do a safe move just for the points!! What an attitude.

Daida too victory in this womens final with a good allround performance filling her score card up nicely, Nyra Alonso also pulled off a really good spock at the far end.

1. Daida Moreno 2. Iballa Moreno 3. Nyra Alonso 4. Junko Nagoshi

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