Karin Jaggi and Patrik Diethelm, pretty much the two pillars of F2, will no longer be working for the brand.

Karin Jaggi took over the jobs of Marketing and Team Manager for F2 last year. She has been one of the main riders in F2 for the last two decades and was putting pretty much all her energy into the brand since she took over her new tasks. But it seems like her collaboration with the brand finished at the beginning of April and she will no longer be working for the brand.

In a similar situation is Patick Diethelm. Shaper and rider of F2 for years, he won’t be working for F2 anymore. He was recently informed that the brand is not counting on him for the future. He has no news about who will take his position or what direction F2 is taking now.

Dani Aeberli is the only F2 person remaining in the brand from the Karin-Patrik-Dani team that has been working together inthe last year. We hope we will find out a bit more about in what position is he on and what does he think about F2’s future.

It all seems a big mystery around F2 at the moment. The brand hasn’t released any information about its new direction and its plans for the future.

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