Seasprite sports and Ezzy sails international are proud to introduce their latest sail, the Ezzy Free(ride)3, which they say blends supreme sail performance with super light Technora® sailcloth.

The dark panel on the Free(ride)3 consists of Technora® fibers. Technora® is a para-aramid fiber that weight for weight is 8 times stronger than steel and 3 times stronger than nylon and Dacron®. Since Technora® is so light, we are able to save considerable weight in the sail. Furthermore, the low stretch of Technora® means less stretch distortion along the leech when a gust hits, producing a more stable feeling sail.

How does the Free(ride)3 compare to our previous Freeride sails?
1.The new Free(ride)3 points significantly higher and has a much
greater reaching angle. 2.Higher wind range. You can comfortably sail the new Freeride one
square meter bigger and one square meter smaller.
3.Lighter and much easier to handle.
Other key features:

* Contains no monofilm. * Body panels made with Spectra X Ply. * RBS epoxy battens. * Vinyl window. Removable triple block tack pulley with D-ring option. * Colour coded outhaul and downhaul rigging indicators. * Every sail is rigged and checked in our factory.

DETAILS Freeride Luff Luff Boom Boom Suggested Size Min Max Min Max Mast 5.5 438 440 175 183 430 6 452 455 183 190 430 6.5 467 470 189 198 460 7 478 481 197 205 460 7.5 488 491 205 212 460/490 8.5 504 508 220 228 490

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Ezzys brand manager in the UK, Jem Hall, has just got out on his and is stoked to find them lighter and with an even bigger wind range. He says ‘they take all the positive attributes of our highly acclaimed Wave panther and put them into a damn quick, stable and strong freeride sail.’

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