The summer is coming up and one of the most exciting and hard-core competitions, Pozo Izquierdo in Gran Canaria is getting close. Read what Ricardo Campello has to say about the high wind Pozo competition in this interview. Even for him, sometimes it is a bit too windy.

Due to organizational problems, the Speed World Cup in Mauritius will be postponed, but the Karpathos event is on and the notice of race will be sent shortly. Read more on the Speed World Cup Website.

Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Dunki as they love to call him over in Germany, decided to give bobsleigh a try!!

Nick Dempsey finished third and Briony Shawn second in the RS:X World Cup in Heyres, France. Men Final Results Women Final Results

On a good day at Hookipa, Rudi Cartorina is one of the sailors to watch. Quiet on the beach but one of the most stylish sailors you will see out there. Simmer and RRD rider for many years, you can get to know him a bit in this interview and video.

Marcos Perez gives an update on his winter and his new project, a windsurfing shop, called PANTAI SURF SHOP.

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