Well biggest news of the day is that the NEW issue of Boardseeker Magazine was released last night. There is a new Boardseeker Babe, Ricardo\'s insane Backloop off the lip and Ben Proffitt guest presenting our Maui Podcast. Ben didn\'t have the greatest of trips to Maui, mainly because of the light winds winds however he also had some other issues which he explains in his own inimitable style on his website.

You remember the Hotsails SuperFreak? The funky coloured sail where you can choose your own design? Well, they had a meet at Kanaha yesterday with over 25 people turning up to show their designs. Check out the picture here.

Mexico may be getting bad press at the moment for Swine Flu, but surf conditions have been epic! The UK\'s Sam Neal has been over there and sent us the pictures you see to the left. The Ezzy blog also has some great pictures from one of their team riders (JP) who scored it well.

Now...who wants a to share a room with Sam at the Ireland event next week, cough cough, splutter splutter?!

Finally, we know this isn\'t windsurfing, but trust us, its worth watching! For all you people out there trying to get the bottle to do a forward loop, check this out and then put it into perspective!


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