Julien Quentel, known as "the poodle" on the tour, is one of the most promising of the younger generation of racers on the PWA. However at the end of last year he was forced to annouce that he would be retiring due to lack of sponsorship funding.

Now with just 1 week to go before the first PWA race event, RRD has announced that he is back in the game and fired up for some big results.

Julien commented "I was at home in St. Martin and my only option was just to study and to stop windsurfing competitions… And then, in the twinkling of an eye, everything changed and I will fly back to France to start the new racing season!

RRD is very motivated having me on the Team and finally my sail sponsor confirmed me for this season.

My goal for 2009 season is to come back at the top of the racing rankings, and the plan is to attend all the most important slalom events and long distance in France, and all the PWA Slalom events in Europe."

The RRD X-Fire is said to be the dark horse on the tour this year, with many people saying it has the potential to do very well for its riders. With Finian and now Julien onboard RRD are in a good position to push hard to the front of the fleet. With the Austrian leg of the PWA tour starting on the 5th stay tuned to find out how they go.

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