It is all over and Ross Williams is officially the winner of the 2009 Dwarf8 PWA Surf World Cup.

With four races completed and several failed attempts of running the race number 5, the event is finally over and Williams took the victory home, with 3 x World Champion Antoine Albeau in second and Gonzalo Costa in third.

We all knew this 2009 Slalom season would be exciting. With a lot of the top guys with new gear, they would have to prove that their skills are more important than their equipment. And this podium proves it. With Williams winning, Gonzalo Costa in third and Julian Quentel in fourth, it might be time of change in the top places of the PWA Slalom with new and young blood ruling the races.

We will see what happen next week in Korea. We will keep you posted here at

Photo Credit: PWA/J.Carter