Whilst the Defi Wind has been plagued by a lack of wind this year, Windsurf Journal report that JP and Pryde unveiled a few new products over the weekend. JP showed that they are moving into speed with 3 brand new speed boards; 45, 49 and 53, whilst NeilPryde gave a sneak preview of 2 new Freeride sails that we will probably expect around Aug/Sep time. Pictures here.

Italian site \'God save the Wind\' didnt manage to save the wind at the Defi event, but do have some sneak previews of new 2010 equipment prototypes, including a 4 batten wave sail from Severne. Check it out here.

UK Freestyle Champion Andy \'Bubble\' Chambers has just released a new video, filmed by friends and edit by \'sofa-movielab\'. Check it out below and dont forget that you can go full screen by clicking the icon in the bottom right of the player...


Wind Mag (France) are reporting that Slalom and Wave events are back on in Pozo after the shock news of a few weeks ago, when it was announced that Pozo would be Freestyle only this year due to budget cuts by the organisers. Nothing official has yet come from the PWA. What is official however is that Guincho Wave contest has been postponed and is now scheduled for August.

Kevin Pritchard didn\'t manage to win the PWA Slalom event in Korea, but did have time to get his picture taken next to some SERIOUSLY big ships!

Just when you thought you were safe in your local lake.....check what has just been found in fresh water!! Its MASSIVE!!

And on the subject of weird things in water, this is worth a check as well.....a fish with a transparent head!!!

More from us tomorrow!

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