Although everything was looking good for the thermal wind to blow in Costa Brava, high clouds blocked the breeze and no competition was run yesterday. Some impressions from the sailors in top position here.

Check out the video of the day 2 action:


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Today the third EFPT event of this season starts in Palekastro, Greece. With all the eyes on the leaders at the moment, Steven Van Broeckhoven and Davy Scheffers, it seems like it will be a very tough competition with guys like Andre Paskowski and Nico Akgazcian trying to steal the the top position in the ranking. More info on the EFPT site.

We have some rumours that the guys from Four Dimensions are over in GC filming with Victor Fernandez and Brawzinho, and that they are waiting for the right day to book a helicopter to film over Pozo. There is definitely a lot of $ in this project. So far, yesterday they scored a couple of good sessions at a secret spot close to Pozo. Check it out here.

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