Peter Volwater reports about his odyssey to get from Barcelona to Gran Canaria with "only" 31 bags of windsurfing equipment. The life of the pros is not all glamour and fun.

Check out this Slalom Board prototype the "Bioflex", from the French shapers from DPA. (Google translated).

One of the main men behind the Four Dimensions DVD project, Andre Paskowski, answers some questions about his recent competitions and the upcoming DVD. Check it out on this interview in the Fanatic site.

Once again, the Butterfly Effect is rolling and it will hit Germany next. Do you want more info about how to join in? Check it out here.

Last week Germany was going off. Alexander Lehmann decided to give the Fanatic Hawk a try in wave conditions. It seems to have worked pretty well!!!

Henrik Jaemer had also some good sessions in a spot called Kalifornien. Check out this new spot, looks like pretty fun conditions!


Photo Credit: PWA/J.Carter and