Over 150 new current weather feeds have been added to Big Salty Weather.

The new weather station feeds mark another significant milestone in the ongoing Big Salty Weather development plan.

As well as having full 7 day swell and wind forecasts for over 270 locations across the UK and Ireland, Big Salty also has tide charts, current wind and weather data and swell buoy data with coverage across the UK and Ireland.

The new weather data feeds from the inland and coastal weather observatories are updated with wind information at up to 30-minute intervals for some locations and also record wind gusts as well as average wind speed and direction. Like all other current weather stations in the Big Salty data suite, wind history information can be accessed by clicking on the wind arrow. Due to the shear number of stations on the weather map it is also possible to zoom in and access individual reports where stations are otherwise too close together.

The team tell us that they have even more developments planned for this summer as part of their ongoing commitment to make one of the most comprehensive and effective weather services around.

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Photo Credit: BigSalty