Aeron have specially developed a new boom to deliver top performance in a long alloy ranging from 230 to 260cm. It’s built in tough but light T8 aluminium and monocoque, meaning the arms are made of one piece of metal to eliminate weak points. The back-end is oversized for added stiffness and strength plus short extension range means the boom remains stiff across the full range of adjustment.

The importers, Tushingham Sails have been using a sample boom in their demo fleet recently. Dave Hackford commented:

“The OS-Race really is a superb choice for big sails such as our 9.4m Lightning or the new XR Race 9.5m.We’ve been testing large rigs recently, with the OS-Race seeing plenty of use. Carbon does have the edge in performance but if your budget doesn’t stretch to a carbon boom and you don’t want to be limited to small rigs, this boom should fit the bill perfectly. Great performance at a fraction of the price of carbon."

Available 1st July

RRP £179

e-mail for more info

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