Its just one day to go before the first PWA freestyle event kicks off in Lanzarote. Read about it on the PWA site here. Word is that Gollito and Kiri are both ripping. Will we see some new moves from these guys?

Gaastra have a nice video of Thomas Traversa. Thomas is one of the most stylish of the new generation sailors, with a powerful and smooth style on the wave. Watch the video yourselves and check out the Gaastra site.


Pritchard Windsurfing have just released a new website, with a brand new look to it. Kev as always keep us up to date on his travels, plus make sure to check out the technique videos from Matt.

The Starboard Pro Kids Fresstyle World Championships came to a conclusion over the weekend. Sardinia has some great wind throughout the week and they had good results in all categories. Read the day by day accounts on the IFCA site. There are also videos of each day on

Tatiana Howard is busy as always, this time in the Gorge preparing for the next Butterfly Effect coming up on Thursday (2nd July). Get yourself down there if you can, its well worth it.

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