Plenty of action over the weekend as the PWA Lanazarote event came to an exciting conclusion. With mast high waves rolling across the course area it was freestyle wave conditions at there best. Sara-Quita came out on top of the women with Junko Nagoshi taking her first freestyle podium in 2nd.

In the men Gollito won ahead of Kiri and Anxton, but not without some controversy. With a discard on the 3rd round he had already won the event by the last day and missed his single elimination heat. He says he overslept, but rumours are that it was team-sailing. Either way he messed up a lot of results, but then had an amazing run in the double from last place through to the final!

Check out the video below from day 4, the best day of the week. Plus check out all the other videos at the PWA Youtube page. You can also read the PWA report from Day 4 and Day 5.


Back in the real world, Dave White drove half way across the country for this session. From the photos it seems like quite a few made the trip, but it looks like it was worth it.

Matt Pritchard gives us all hope on the Pritchard Windsurfing blog. Even the best pros still have bad days!

If you want to win some more prizes, check out Beach telegraph, who are giving away Maui Ultra Fins as prizes. They are creating quite a buzz at the moment with Polakow, Swift and now young Koester all using these unique foils.

Talking of Philip Koester, he has just announced that he will be changing his sail number from E to G. Both parents are German, and German is his first language, but he has been brought up on the beach in Gran Canaria. Which ever letter he uses, we still think he will do alright. Skyeboy certainly doesn\'t want him in his heat in Pozo this year.

And lastly on the subject of Pozo. Check out Phil Horrocks - live from Gran Canaria. He will be keeping you up to date from the famous beach in the run up to and during the contest. Plus you can ask him your own personal questions.

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