PWA Fuerteventura freestyle saw the champions remain the champions as they fought off challenges in the double elimination final. Gollito and Sarah-Quita remain on top.

Check out some of the top action.


Also check the PWA report, the updated results and follow todays action on the ticker.

Jacob reports on some dodgy judging decisions on the Boardseeker forum.

And Leo Rae gives his account in this google translated Wind magazine page.

Meanwhile in the UK its been going off. Ben Proffitt reports from a fun session in Rhossy.

Pozo has also had its share of conditions, but this time unusual conditions. Dario reports of glassy surfing!

Philip Koster is still pretty hot. All his sponsors are understandably shouting about him. NeilPryde report here on his German victory along with Maui Ultra Fins here.

Laslty if you fancy a bit of a party why not head out to Club Vass and combine a summer windsurf trip with the Jazz Funk Summer Party.

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