No wind for Day 3 of the PWA Fuerteventura freestyle, so no competition. Gollito and Sarah-Quita remaining on top with the rest of the fleet desperate to get another chance to fight back. The PWA report on the lack of action and interview 2007 World Freestyle Champ, Brawzinho. Results remain the same, but check out the new video from Day 2, the double elimination.


It seems like there is no wind again today but check the PWA ticker for more info.

If you are after some 2nd hand gear and are in the Canaries, check out KP\'s website as he is selling loads of stuff. give their report on the Pozo contest. Gives a good insight into the action.

The speed world cup gets underway over in Karpathos. More info here.

Poor Anxton broke his foot just days before the Fuerte World cup. He was lying in 3rd place overall, but now his season will be ruined. NeilPryde give more information here.

Whilst there was no wind in the south, it seems the north of Fuerte was going off. John Skye reports on a rare North shore session.

Laslty check out this great invention from Starboard. Making it easier than ever to learn to windsurf!

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