Doubles on a river? Check out the hard core action from the Gorge.


The countdown for the Reunion Island Wave Classic is on (only two weeks away), and two new riders will join the challenge. Together with Thomas Traversa, Scott McKercher and Alex Moussolini, now Collin Sifferlin and Robin Goffinet will also be part of the event.

New free applications from for you iPhone or iTouch, so you don’t miss any sailing.

Tatiana Howard and her Butterfly Effect keep rolling. Now it will hit no less than Tahiti.

Have you already checked out the Tricktionary DVD? Could be your perfect present for next Xmas?

Are you ready? A low pressure is just about to hit the UK, so get your equipment ready.

The new Boardseeker mag is coming out this afternoon with loads of interesting stuff: an interview with the inventor of the forward loop, an awesome video, featuring John Skye, the test of the 85 litres Freewave boards and more…

Plus the Clones are just finishing their report on the 4,2 and 4,7 wave sails. Thanks to the great wind around the UK it should be out pretty soon. Stay tuned.

Photo Credit: St. Leu, one of the Reunion Island spots