French rider Vincent Mollouete shows his impressive freestyle skills in this video.


Uride presents a sneaky preview on the 2010 Quatro boards, with five models and 2 different consturctions. Have a look and you will also see some of the latest pictures from the Maui boyz.

Philip Koster has been injured for the past couple of weeks with a small fracture in his right foot. It seems doing doubles on every run and massive pushloop-fowards has some consecuences after all. As he waits for it to heal, he has set up his new blog.

Apparently it has been a good summer wave wise in the Hawaiian islands!!

What to do when a hurracain approaches? Send it your wish list so you can make the most of it!

Sometimes we get the impression that Hookipa and Kanaha are pretty much the only two wave spots in Maui. Far from the reallity. Here you can see the Kuau locals like Jake Miller in action.

Now that Turkey is over and there is a little break in the calendar until Sylt, Micah Buzianis is making the most out of being in Europe and, together with Robby Swift, he will be doing a Slalom camp in Dahab.

Photo Credit: Eric IYFW