All the legends were out sailing at Hookipa yesterday: Robby Naish, Sierra Emory, Jason Prior, Josh Stone, Rush Rundle, Talma, Simmer, etc… It was a dream come true for many people to be sailing with them, and KP was one of them.

More photos from these epic days in Maui, and the real proof about how it was on this video courtesy from


The Four Dimensions Movie will be released soon, with the premier during the Sylt PWA event in about a month. But to keep you entertained until then, they just did an interview with one of the main stars in the film, Gollito Estredo.

The Santa Pola Formula World Championships are just around the corner. From the 9th until the 19th of September, the competition will be on in Spanish territory. More.

Random Acts of kindness from Naish

Klaas Voget seem very happy to be back in one of his favourites spots in Denmark.

Photo Credit: Kevin Pritchard