The Reunion Wave Classic continues, but no wind means another day off for the guys out there. However they need your help to vote for the best wipeout. Check out the video below and then click here to vote for your best.


The Animal Windfest saw plenty of action despite a lack of wind. World Champion Antoine Albeau turned up for the show, but was forced to take second place behind 16 year old Sam Silis. An impressive victory for the Techno Junior World Champ!

Last weekend saw Round 2 of the Irish Wave Championships. Finn Mullen and Katie McAnena took the victories in the mens and a womens fleet. Check out the full report here.

Jonas Ceballos has a video clip from the Canaries. Looks like some fun sailing.

John Skye reports from Prassonisi about assisting in a Jem Hall Looping clinic. Lots of carnage there for sure!

Lastly, its a bit "off topic", but if you want some SUP technique videos check out

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