The day was just not long enough to finish the double elimination of the Pros and the single elimination of the Masters. The amateurs finished their single and the ladies had two rounds of competition.

RESULTS so far


1. Timo Mullen

2. John Skye

3. Dany Bruch

4. Jack Hunt

5. Ben Proffitt

6. Phil Horrocks


1. Marie Buchanan

Joint 2nd Louise Emery & Katie McAnena

4. Tanya Saleh

5. Sarah Bibby


1. Dave Horrocks

2. Alex Gayda

3. David Bichan

5. Roger Hollies

Masters....still to be finished.


Guest international sailor Dany Bruch

Balephuil beach in the sunshine

Timo Mullen on the wave and in the air

Jamie Hancock

Ladies leader Marie Buchanan

Ben Proffitt twice!

Andy King

Jamie Hawkins

Chris Murray

Girlies on Tour (Tanya, Katie & Marie)

Paul Hunt

Timo’s shock at winning the single elimination!

Today (Monday) sees light winds and plenty of sunshine on Tiree which is a good job as The Lodge was rocking till the early hours last night courtesy of local band Trial West! This afternoon there is the possibility of some south-westerly wind and the call will be made after lunch.

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