Tyson Poor, one of the top North Amiercan freestylers, still has what it takes to be one of the best. Check out his video.


Nice review of the Four Dimensions Movie on the PWA site.

Goya Sails and Boards will be sporsoring the Students Windsurfing Association (SWA) this year. Know more.

The new Boardseeker Magazine is out with an special on the Freestyle Kings, Sylt special pictures and podcast, new Boardseeker Babe and much more.

Musso (Alex Mussolini) was well trained for the on-shore conditions from Sylt, as he scored it good in El Cabezo.

Like we said, Dunki took part in a car race in Germany.

The legendary Taranaki Wave Classic is only one week away. Check out what happens in one of the best winsufing wave spots on their official website.

Photo Credit: PWA/J.Carter