WJ found this legendary video that deserves to be seen. If these guys had seen Gollito’s footage back then, they wouldn’t believe it for sure!


Words from Svein Rasmussen and Pieter Bijl on winning the constructors championships.

K-Day. The best day in Klaas Voget’s life.

French review on the Exocet 3X. (Google Translated)

Everyone has a link to this video today with French rider Vincent Mellouet in Mauitius. Lets have a look and see what is it about.

Next year new boards for Antoine Albeau. Gallery and WJ Report . (Google Translated)

It is good to see that Matt Pritchard is back on the water.

Pretty good stuff DIY.

Ready for the UKWA End of the Year Party?

Jules Denel, the next French hope.

You should start checking you Winter Windsurfing Holidays already! Sportif or Club Vass have some of the best offers.

Photo Credit: JC/PWA